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Jeffrey Staab

Jeffrey Staab is the main actor in this trailer and the movie.

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Shawn Jones

Great job Shawn!!! 

Excited to Announce Shawn Jones as Biker Chris Wilson! 

Shawn Eric Jones (First Man, Allegiant) is both an actor and model from Missouri. He first started acting in college while attending Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri, winning the 'New Comer of the Year' award his first year.

Shawn's first big break came in modeling when he moved to Los Angeles, California, modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch and also did an ad for Under Armor. Shawn has been in numerous magazine ads and various independent films. He played the bartender in The Rolling Stone's music video 'Rain Fall Down', where he garnered the nickname "Hot Pants".

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Jeffery Staab

A great read about our guy Jeff!!  He just booked one more film!! One of the best actors in Kansas City! 

Excited to Announce Jeffrey Staab as KCPD Police Chief Patrick Wheeler! 

With over 100 features, shorts, and TV series, Jeffrey Staab is a seasoned award-winning film and TV actor, who has worked alongside stars like William Baldwin, Tosin Morohunfola, Tom Berenger, Katherine McNamara, Jessica Roth, Jason Wiles, and Kevin Kilner to name a few. 

He was professionally trained by reputable LA acting coach Brian Cutler (protégé of the late acclaimed Charles Conrad). Staab was directed by Rod Holcomb, whose directing career spans shows like ER, Lost & Criminal Minds. Jeffrey was also featured in Ron Greenfield's book "Perspectives on Entertainment 2".

Mr Staab was cast in sports movie Jayhawkers (2014) by director/writer Kevin Willmont, who recently won an Academy Award for BlacKkKlansman. Staab has a riveting performance as Ben in Found Wandering Lost (2020) and played a featured role in Top Coat Cash (2017) and Christmas At The Chateau (2019). 

Jeffrey has won and been nominated for numerous awards such as Best Actor in First City Film Fest (2018), Los Angeles Films Awards (2017), and Outlaw Film Festival (2017). 

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Amanda Parra in Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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Blake, in American Horror Story Season 9 Top Bunk Teaser!!

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Rebecca, For Hallmark.

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Hallmark Zorro (DOG)

Trick or Treat! Say hello to our new line of Star Wars stuffed animals, just in time for Halloween. Check out this video to see them all stop by with a few friends you won’t believe.

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Jackson,Stevie & Gregory

Jackson,Stevie & Gregory in Price Chopper.

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Blake & Cory Russell Athletics

Blake and Cory

Guys working for Russell Athletics.

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Brett for Crispy Crunch

Great job Brett!! 

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