Our Open Call schedule has changed. We are now on an appointment only basis.  

Our email for submissions:
info @ iandiagency.com (please remove the spaces before and after the @)


Please don't send large photos. Your entire email should not be over 2 MB or you need to resize the photos to 72 dpi and no larger than 4x6. 

We represent ages 4 and up. There is very little work for children under 4, so we don't sign ages under 4 years old.

Our office building is secure; you will need to scroll down and select our name/number, then dial and someone will buzz you in. I & I Agency is a working agency; we do not accept walk-ins at any time. Bring snapshots, headshot and resume to Open Call. (Do not spend money on photographers BEFORE you come to us. If we are interested in signing you, we will guide you.)

If you are contacted for an appointment, be prepared with a monologue, commercial or scene if you wish to be considered for acting. Kansas City is a commercial market, so we book television commercials, commercial print, catalog, runway, industrial film, social media videos, other video projects (and the few movies we get without a competitive state tax credit to compete against other states for them), for men, women and children ages 4-5 and up to about 80 years old. Our market is mostly commercials and commercial print, so ALL models and actors need to consider doing all of the types of work that we get.  We also have more connections than the average agency to all of the major markets for the right model/actor.

We do not accept submissions by mail - ONLY EMAIL. Email a photo, headshot and resume or just a snapshot or photo that we can keep on file to the email address above. If we are interested in you, we will email and you will be required to come in for an appointment. If we are not interested we will not call or contact you. We DO keep your submissions on file for a time. Therefore, we may call you if we have a particular project that you fit. You do not need to call - WE MUST SEE YOU IN PERSON!  If you cannot come to your appointment you likely could not get to an audition either. We do not sign people we have not seen in person.

​We reserve the right to accept or reject anyone for any reason and to tell you which part of the industry you may best fit..

If you do not have a working email, cell phone and reasonable availability to go on auditions from Mon-Fri 9a to 5p, we will not represent you. Period!