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Our philosophy is simple. It is critical in this business that agencies take care of the talent that they represent. It is equally important to represent the interests of the booking clients with whom we work closely with daily. This balance is essential. We are a boutique agency with around 350 models and actors. We do not need 3000 models and actors as some of our competitors have. We only take the best and therefore our actual booking ratio is higher. We also take great pride in the fact that we have a history of being the best agency in Kansas City in the placement of models and actors nationally and internationally.

We have been in business for over 25 years and have developed hundreds of models and actors for work for commercial print, runway, television commercials, voice-over, TV and Film projects on a local and regional basis as well as having signed many of them to larger agencies and managers in New York, Los Angeles and internationally. We are a development agency -- You can utilize our system to develop a financially lucrative career in 3-5 years or there are plenty of other routes out there that typically morph into the 10 years to never plan. We have a proven track record for anyone who really wants to succeed, provided they are willing to work on their craft and follow directions. This is not a something for nothing, "be discovered" kind of a business. You will get out of it exactly what you put in.

There are no fees to be represented by our agency. Our agency takes a commission of 20% on work obtained. This is standard across most of the country and certainly in Kansas City. However, we must stay up with the technology, and in that process, we have an industry recognized national company that manages our secure talent database which requires a one-time fee per talent for listing in the database. This is an acceptable practice and is done by every agency locally and most every agency in the country. Printed composite cards and headshots are no longer needed in the industry, but being a part of the database IS NECESSARY.

In addition, we require professional photos - not initially to be considered - but to get you the good paying work, it will be required at some point, or you will not be considered by most of our clients to be a professional. This is a competitive industry, and we insist that our models and actors are marketed as professionals. We have professional photographers in from time to time to provide opportunity for our talent, but you can also bring what you already have and sometimes it will work.

The other requirement to be with our agency is a one-time commitment to attend our Agency Orientation. We do them twice a year on a Saturday from 9am to 5pm. The Orientation has been assessed at a VALUE of $800, but it is our investment in our talent to teach them what to expect and how to be viewed as a professional. We talk about the types of work available in the market and what it takes to be successful, what to wear to auditions, how to slate for auditions and generally what you can expect as you are starting to go on auditions. You MUST be signed with the agency to attend our NO COST Orientation.

The Kansas City market is an exclusive market; you cannot be multi-listed. There are clients in Kansas City that will refuse to consider talent that try to multi-list. Our contract is exclusive and termed, as are the other major agencies in Kansas City.

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